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Do you have an independent film project in development? Are you looking to raise money through a Limited Partnership or Limited Liability Company?

Do you know what 
               the first step is?

Since 1995, the Award Winning and critically acclaimed Movie Plan Software has helped hundreds of filmmakers and production companies take the first step to raising money for their film projects… and they did it for under $40!



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"...this set of documents, available for Mac or Windows, can hike (or hype) your credibility factor with the money people instantly."
- MovieMaker Magazine, Issue No. 56, Vol. 11

According to the best-selling book by Gregory Goodell, INDEPENDENT FEATURE FILM PRODUCTION, "the investment memorandum is the most important document for selling your motion picture to potential investors."

Movie Plan film investment software is designed to help you create an "Investment Memorandum" that is suitable to present to qualified film investors.

The Movie Plan Software Package contains forms and templates for you to edit and add your own information. The end result will be a professional, ready-to-use Investment Memorandum. Click HERE to learn more!
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DARKWORLD tells the story of FALLON, a young woman who is killed in the act of a crime and goes to Hell. Under the watchful eye of an unknown evil, she returns to Earth as a supernatural bounty hunter for wayward souls who have made deals with the Devil. When she is ordered to take the soul of her own beloved sister, she rebels. All Hell breaks loose as her former boss unleashes a team of demons to kill them both.

Funds for the project were 100% secured using a Limited Partnership Investment Memorandum created by Movie Plan Software.
Visit: http://www.darkworldthemovie.com/


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